Welcome to the WikiEdit

Welcome to the wiki. Royal Academy was created by me and my sister and I hope who ever cares enough to look at it likes it and adds their own characters.

Royal AcademyEdit

Royal Academy is teenage shape-shifters ages 16 to 19 that are trained to fight Demons. They are taught by the 'prince' or 'princess' the title given to the most talented shape-shifter. To earn this title you must be able to have three animal forms. I will try to put up something that lets you see what a regular day is here. R.A.S.S. or R.A.S.S.A. is the Royal Association of Shape Shifters. They work as spies, assasins, whatever their animal and training matters. For example, Portia is most likely going to be an assasin. Her animal is a wolf so her training is more towards demon killing than Izabel's. Whose animal is a porcupine.

Latest activityEdit

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