Portia Anne Patterson


Shape shifter





Hair color


Eye color


I'll be eighteen in February and my animal's a wolf. I live with my parents and adopted sister, Anna. The R.A.S.S.A is kinda on me at the moment. I have a not so good history with them. Even though they constantly recognize me as their best fighter. My mom, Mikaela is an agent for the R.A.S.S.A. The only reason I stay here is because of Noah. He's my best friend, what would I do without him? He saved my life once from some demons. So I kinda owe him to stay here. I look forward to beating his butt in the corps once we graduate.- Portia's blog profile

General InformationEdit

Portia is one of the main characters of Royal Academy. Her parents are Paul and Mikaela Patterson.


Portia has an adopted sister named Anna. She also attends school with Portia. Anna and Portia are close and often train together or share girly moments like gossiping etc.

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